Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Adding AJAX.Net to existing ASP.Net Web Site

If you are like me you have web sites in ASP.Net that don't use AJAX.Net and when the web site was created there was no such thing as an AJAX-enabled project in Visual Studio 2005. With the release of AJAX.Net v1.0 of AJAX is a compelling set of functionality that I want to take advantage of. It is trivial when it comes to creating a new web site in Visual Studio 2005. Just select the AJAX enabled web site when you create your web site. However, the question I needed an answer to was how do I AJAX enable my existing web sites that are not AJAX enabled. The easy answer I found is create a new web site in Visual Studio 2005. Open the Web.config. Here you will see a lot of new sections and tags. Just copy all the new stuff (which is all except a couple of tags like assemblies and compilation tags) to your web config. That should do it. You can now play with AJAX.Net 1.0 in your existing web site. As a bit of background, I tried just dragging the ScriptManager and UpdatePanel controls to my page. The behavior was that it posted back still and also refreshed the entire page. Weird I thought to myself. Then I realized there was a Javascript error that said 'Sys' is undefined Doing a quick search on Google I quickly realized this was because needed to tell my web site about AJAX.Net so the AJAX.Net control would have the client side javascript they were expecting. This is the simplest solution I know. It has the advantage of always referencing the correct assemblies and versions, etc.

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