Monday, February 25, 2008

The cost effective way to develop web applications using Java.

Java Web Development
  • User friendly environment that is similar to ASP.Net
  • Low or no cost to develop and deploy
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Use standard and frameworks where possible
  • MVC or other separation of presentation code from business logic. In short Multi-tier architecture
NetBeans 6.0 for IDE
  • It supports deployment multiple Java Application servers
  • Sun as all but decided that there will not be a next version of Java Studio Creator (pending out cry from community), and has pushed technology out to NetBeans 6.0
  • Supports J2EE and Java 5 EE platform.
  • JavaServer Faces built in gives an IDE and framework much like ASP.Net.
  • Keeps pace with Java releases and technology changes
  • Drag and Drop or code by hand developement
  • FREE and OpenSource and Open Standards
  • IDE and our applications are platform independent.
  • Extensible IDE.
JavaServer Faces (JSF) for MVC and UI
  • Is to be included in future J2EE standard.
  • Can be used in same project as Struts (MVC defacto standard, but not an official standard)
  • Component based framework that encourages reuse between applications
Hibernate for Persistence
jUnit or HttpUnit for testing
log4j or Java Logging API for Logging
Tiles for templating

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