Thursday, August 21, 2008

Looping through an array of regular expressions in JavaScript

Regular Expressions in JavaScript are easy (assuming you know regular expressions ;). This is NOT a tutorial on regular expressions. I recommend the this site as an intro to Regular Expressions using JavaScript. What this entry does cover is how to create a regular expression in JavaScript. The recommended way is var regex = /int/ This will create a RegExp object that matches on the pattern int. This is not very interesting but it does illustrate that lack of double-quotes. This a very nice syntax that does NOT require the regular expression to be a literal string which in turn require the escaping of backslashes. Here is an example of a match on a digit var regex = /\d/ There are times like when getting input from the user or a database or something that you need to use the string syntax. In this case you do have to escape backslashes. This site explains this concept in more depth than I do here. var regex = new RegExp("\\d"); By default Regular Expressions in JavaScript match based on case and only match on the first occurrence. You can change that by using one of the following options. var regex = /int/gi or var regex = new RegExp("int", "gi"); Now that we know how to create a regex expression you may be starting to see how we can use them in arrays. Arrays in JavaScript can be done a few ways. var myArray = new Array(/int/gi, /\w/gi); or var myArray = new Array( new RegExp("int", "gi"), new RegExp("\\w", "gi" ); or var myArray = new Array(5); myArray[0] = new RegExp("int", "gi"); myArray[1] = /int/gi

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