Monday, July 30, 2012

Hiding View All Site Content menu item in SharePoint Online

This entry assumes you are using the new SharePoint Online interface that has the Site Actions menu on the top LEFT of the screen and there is a View All Site Content menu item on that menu. The goal is to hide the View All Site Content menu item from non-admin users. Please note, this does not stop people that have a link to the page already. Keep in mind that mobile users have access to the page also, so you won’t be stopping them either. This change simply hides the menu item in the Site Action menu. You should be able to use this same technique to hide the link on the Quick Launch as well. The easiest way is to click on it in the Design view in SharePoint Designer. If you do a search in the master page for viewlsts.aspx you will that there are five references to the url for the All Content Page, so you may want to consider changing those as well if you want to get rid of those entry points as well.
  1. You will need to edit (which will get you a copy) the v4.master master page that your site uses. The easiest way is to use SharePoint Designer 2010 (Free from Microsoft).
  2. Do a search in your master page for MenuItem_ViewAllSiteContents. There should only be one match.
  3. Locate the PermissionString=”ViewFormPages” attribute and change it to PermissionsString="ManagePermissions". The ManagePermissions should be sufficient to only include admin access to this menu item, but you may also want to consider other permission levels as well. Since this isn’t really a security measure, and really just trying to shield the average user from getting confused my limited testing of who sees the menu item was sufficient. You may want to do more testing.
  4. Don’t forget to check-in and publish your changes (assuming it is enabled) so that others can see the changes. Otherwise, you will be the only one that can see the changes.


Anonymous said...

There is a way to hide "View All Site Content" not using Sharepoint designer:
- Create a new content editor web part
- Click "edit source"
- In the window type
< style >
< / style >
- Refresh!
If you want to hide recycle bin as well, add
.ms-recyclebin {display:none;}

Brent V said...

Thanks for the tip. This is a great tip for just one page, though if you want the change to be on all pages you will still need to edit the master page so the change would be on all pages. I guess you could edit it without designer, but I'm sure I see the advantage.

Even so, I had considered this solution, but I still wanted the link to be available to Admin users. This solution hides the link for everyone including admins.

Both solutions are good depending on the requirements.

Thanks again.


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