Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to copy a SharePoint SiteCollection to a new server

First thing, you should make sure that the patch level is the same for both the installed patches and the content database. See here for more details on updating the patch level. Once the environments are the same, it is relatively straight forward to copy a SharePoint Site collection from one server to another server.

Here are the steps
  1. Backup the site collection
    You can use Central Administration | Backup and Restore | Perform a site collection backup. You can use a UNC share path or you can specify a local disk path.
    Alternatively, you can use Powershell to do the backup as well.
    PS> Backup-SPSite "http://yourSPServerHere/sites/siteCollection1" -Path "C:\temp\siteCollection1.bak"
  2. Copy the backup file to the new server or use a file share that both server can access to avoid copying the backup file. In this example, I kept the same path on the local disk for ease of syntax.
  3. Restore the site collection at a desired url
    PS> Restore-SPSite "http://yourNewSPServerHere/sites/siteCollection1" -Path "C:\temp\siteCollection1.bak"
    NOTE: Unfortunately, there is ability to do this in Central Administration like there is for the backup.
    Also, notice I kept the same basic url (minus the server change)

Troubleshooting Powershell

If you get an error like the following:
The local farm is not accessible. Cmdlets with FeatureDependencyId are not registered.
Check here for details on how you can get access.

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