Monday, March 17, 2014

Does Iron Speed Designer (ISD) use username or domain\username in the user table?

When using Windows Authentication with Iron Speed Designer (ISD) you can use a user table to specify who can access your application. I often forget what the username column in Iron Speed Designer (ISD) is supposed to contain.

The confusion in my mind is that Windows authentication requires a domain to be specified. This may not be apparent if using IE, but with other browsers such as Firefox you will be prompted for your credentials and required to put the username in the format: domain\username. In the case of ISD, it appears that Windows authentication is still handled by IIS / Windows / Active Directory as it is in any other ASP.NET application that uses Windows Authentication. Once the user is authenticated though, ISD queries the database tables that you specify. In these queries it uses just the username portion of the domain\username you typed (or IE passed on for you). I don't think this would work very well if your network has multiple domains, but I have not confirmed this.

So, to put it simply, store just the username (no domain) in the column in the user table you specify.

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