Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Quick review of nice Open Source JavaScript Grids / Data Tables


This is a very powerful and mature Grid and my top choice. My only complaint is that it is almost overwhelming because it is so feature rich and if you need editing, the coolest features you have to pay for. It supports just about any scenario out there and the docmentation is GREAT. It does a good job making simple cases easy to do though. In fact, they have a generator that generates all the code you need to get started after you specify how you want to use it, but that unfortunately is with the paid Editor. They do have for free a tool to help you figure out exactly what files you need for downloading based on your needs. It does allow cells to have input elements (see example), but there isn't any special support for them unless you buy the Editor. If you go that route, it has inline editing, popup screen editing, and single field editing just like the Editablegrid product (below) does AND is supported specifically with ASP.NET (and PHP), but again only for the paid Editor. It does support having all the rows editable at once though. It is very easy to use, but has lots of ways to do very advanced things. It can get data from the server or client. Works well with large amounts of data. The documentation is very well done. There are lots of examples and they include how it was done. It also has extensions for exporting data to Excel, etc.

Bootstrap Table

This one is good and has examples in GitHub, but the documentation / demo on the site is quite light. It does have additional documentation and examples on GitHub though. It is nice that users can export data to multiple formats, choose just the columns they want, search, etc. If you click on a cell it will bring up an editor for that field and can have associated validation with it.


This one is uniquely designed for inline editing. To edit a cell, just click it and it becomes editable. It supports PHP binding, but doesn't seem to support ASP.NET directly, but may not matter unless you need mass amounts of data editing. This grid is a bit light on the features, but is still pretty nice.

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