Friday, April 22, 2016

TFS 2015 Build Highlights

Goals of new system
  • Web based
  • Simple customization
  • Real-time output
  • Versioning of build definition
  • Build pools - share build agents across projects and collections
  • Cross-platform - even Mac and Linux
  • Full support for XAML-based builds
Build Overview
  • Templates
  • Web Applications
  • Unit Testing
  • Staging and drop locations
  • Azure Deployment
  • Powershell

Build Definitions
  • Web based
  • Several Templates 
  • No XAML templates, but still supports them
  • My Dev Machine produces the same outputs as TFS will
  • Task gallery
  • Auditing (changes are logged with notes if desired).
  • Web based diff tool.
Running a Build
  • Real-time log view
  • Project by project breakdown
  • Build Outputs
Build Customization
  • Settings
  • Variables
  • Triggers
  • Versioning of build
  • Draft (not published yet)
  • Templates - reuse
Hosted Agent
  • Visual Studio Online (not on premise)
  • One build at a time (No XAM L Builds)
  • < 1 hr
  • < 10 GB storage
  • No admin rights
  • Can't log on
  • Run on Visual Studio Online, not your agent
  • No interactive mode

  • Options
  • Multi-configuration
  • Staging & build drop
  • Templates
  • Deployment templates
  • Azure
  • PowerShell

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