Friday, February 2, 2018

nslookup like functionality from Powershell

Below is a Powershell script that takes a list of aliases that you want to lookup. For each item in the list it will output a line. Each line is tab separated and composed of the alias, the host name, and the ip address (first one if there are multiples). The output can be copy and pasted into Excel easily. Any errors will be shown in Red.

$aliases = @(

foreach ($alias in $aliases)
        $entry = [System.Net.DNS]::GetHostEntry($alias)
        $tab = [char]9
        $hostname = $entry.HostName
        $ipAddress = $entry.AddressList[0].IPAddressToString
        Write-Host "$alias$tab$hostname$tab$ipAddress"
        Write-Host "$alias could not be processed" -ForegroundColor Red

There are actually Powershell packages that implement nslookup, but they require something be installed, imports, dependencies, etc. The only dependency to run this is that C# be installed and System.Net.DNS be available.

Example output is:


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