Thursday, August 18, 2011

Change Default Paste to Unformatted Text in MS Word 2007

Are you tired of MS Word 2007 and higher pasting formatted text your document when all you really want is unformatted text to be pasted? The temporary solution is to go to the Home ribbon | Paste (down arrow) | Paste Special… | Select Unformatted Text | OK. That is a lot of clicking for just a simple paste that I think should be the default.

Finally in MS Word 2007 they added some nice features to address this very issue. Go to the Word menu image  | Word Options | Advanced and then make the changes as noted by the four arrows below.




Now when you copy and paste you will always get text only unless you do like would have done before and to to Home ribbon | Paste (down arrow) | Paste Special… but now choose Formatted Text (RTF) or HTML Format depending on your source.

Thank you Microsoft!


Anonymous said...

This saved me untold time and unnecessary keystrokes. Thanks.

kenzie jones said...

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kenzie jones said...
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