Friday, June 27, 2008

HP OpenView Service Desk Web-api saves when you don't expect it to.

To be fair, I have not looked in the documentation of the HP OpenView web-api docs, but I can't believe that records can be saved without called .save() method on an object. How you ask, here is an example in pseudo-code.
IWorkorder myNewWorkOrder = WorkOrderHome().openNewWorkorder(); IServicecall myExistingServiceCall = ServiceCallHome().openServicecall(1234l); // no work order will exist and will not be related to the service call before the call to the next line myExistingServiceCall.addWorkorder(myNewWorkOrder); // after the above call, the work order exists, and IS related to the service call. I could not believe it, but this is true. A word of caution if you mean to not save in all cases.


Anonymous said...

this was an interesting and informative post! I too was getting annoyed at having to deal with "no changes to save" as a runtime exception. thanks!

Brent V said...

Thank you so much for the feedback. Just another HP OpenView api oddity.