Monday, June 23, 2008

Screen Capture Tool

I often need to take screen shots of particular regions of the screen. For example maybe the content of a web page, but I don't want the browser window to be showing in the image. Sometimes, I want the entire window, sometimes I don't. I found a nice screen capture utility called Cropper that when you launch it it goes to your system tray. You can invoke it with a hotkey. In fact you can set up different hotkeys for the different kind of capture you want to do. For example you can have one for full screen capture, and another that captures a custom area you select. There are not ads. In fact it is Open Source and written in C#. You can download it from CodePlex ( You can send the output to the four basic image formats, the printer, or clipboard. I particularly like clipboard since I am usually pasting it in an email or MS Word document.If you are a programmer, you can even extend it using by writing your own plug-ins. The only downside I see is that it takes about 8MB or RAM, and about 19 of virtual memory. In this day an age of MS .NET programs that is about average from what I can tell.

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