Friday, June 27, 2008

A safe way to save entities in HP OpenView Service Desk (OVSD) web-api

If you have have worked with HP OpenView Service Desk (OVSD) web-api, you may have noticed sometimes it throws an exception that says "There are no changes to save." when you call the save() method on entities such as Servicecall, Workorder, Change, etc. This is annoying and fairly useless thing to know if you ask me. This should not be an exception in my opinion if you call save too often, especially since the api doesn't support transactions. Instead of repeating the same try catch blocks everywhere in my code, it became obvious to me that the safest thing to do is to just write a very simple method to call instead of the standard save() method on an entity. What the method below does is allows you to pass virtually any type of entity from HPOV web-api objects that have a save() method or more specifically inherit from IApiEntity object (this is at least all the major ones). Now instead of ...; just call the method and pass it the object you want to save. SaveEntity(myServiceCallObject); This is clean and reduces unexpected bugs caused by this "exception" :) private void SaveEntity(IApiEntity entity) throws Exception { try{; } catch (Exception ex) { if (!ex.getMessage().equalsIgnoreCase("There are no changes to save.")) { throw ex; } } }

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