Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lookout for Outlook 2007

For those of you that have used Lookout for Outlook 2003 and earlier and have upgraded to Outlook 2007, you have no doubt figured out that Lookout 1.3 does not run or if you are running Lookout 1.2 that it doesn't even load. The reason is that Lookout is looking for a particular COM file that is now the wrong name even though it does actually work with it.

First thing I recommend is downloading the latest release (there will not be anymore because technically MS owns it now and this software is not longer supported by either the original author or MS). One place you can download Lookout 1.3 from is:


To the rescue comes a couple of people. The author says you can just rename the dll it is looking for so that it can find it. That runs the chance of messing up other things if you ask me. However, you can try it if you prefer that solution:


Another techie figured out the dll that does the dll check and tricked into always being true. Pretty clever. You can download the patched file and replace the one that is installed with Lookout 1.3.


Apparently there is an issue with dates when .NET Framework 2.0 is installed. Here is a description and fix to the issue.


You can fix this by checking out the following link on how to patch it Lookout for this issue.


If you want more background on the issues, etc there is actually a lot of good stuff on the issues at:


As you can see Lookout is limited life left in it. Though I imagine clever folks will continue to patch it until a product that is good enough comes along.


Steve P. said...

Lookout was good but patching and no support is not an option.

Thanks to http://www.lookeen.net there is no need to reanimate a dead friend...


Brent V said...

Hi steve,

You raise a good point. The biggest issue is that a lot of people don't like it as much that are used to Lookout (from the postings I have read).

The other issue is that Lookeen is not free. In fact, it is on sale for $39.80. Even on sale, that is a lot of money for searching emails, IMHO. I think many will agree (as many posts from others have noted), patching IS an option until another free option is available.

TerryP said...

I also work with Lookeen and I think it is worth his salt...I also tried to get Lookout work again, but it was just annoying...Also Lookout costed money bevor Microsoft bought it!

Gishu said...

Works great! Mike Belshe's dll rename trick used to work for me... but on this machine i was getting an 'Access Denied' for some reason (even though I am an admin.. go figure!). Your patched dll did the trick. Thank you.

Brent V said...


That is great news. Thanks for commenting. It is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I was lost without Lookout when the company upgraded to Office 2007. Lookeen gives a free trial and it was a no brainer for me to buy it after seeing it work. ALso works with Office 2010.

MHU said...

I am great user of Lookout however recently after 2007 Office install suddenly my outlook start crashing . I tried everything i could to make that working back however whenever i tried "Indexing" the outlook crashed.

Finally i found the post and download the dll and and replace simply .


after spending whole day this issue resolved by replacing the dll from above link .
i am so happy and thankfull to you guys who ever is done and provided the link .
Please let me know i am happy to provide some donation as well as my issue resolved and it was so important for me.

Prashant Soni said...

The solution posted by Vlas/Leon in the below link worked for with Lookout 1.20 Outlook 2007 on all my XP/Vista/Win7 machines