Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Use Google Page Creator to store files for blogger

I must say I think Google does a nice job on most of their interfaces. They remind me of Apple in that regard. I like blogger, though I think it needs some help when pasting text that is code or xml, I have figured out how to work with that for the most part. You can even up upload pictures for use in your blog. This is pretty cool. I want to be able to upload files like source code files or zip files so others can easily download them instead of copying my partially formatted source code displayed through the browser. I noticed Google offers Google Page Creator (see for more info). It is a nice graphical end user tool for creating simple web sites. They give you 100MB of space for FREE. They also give you the ability to quickly and easily upload files to your web space you click the Link button in their tool bar. I then upload my source code I want to share using this window. Then I let it put the link to it on the page. When I look at the link of the page it created for me, I see that I now have a nice public url that I can use as a link in my blog (or anywhere else for that matter). Pretty nice for FREE! One last note, you can also upload using the Uploaded stuff widget on the right side of the site manager page. This is basically a little file manager that lets you upload and delete the files as well as show you the size of each file.

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